The Overcoming Self

When will you be the person you want to be?

Central to my philosophy of life is something that is termed “revealed preference” in economic lingo. “Revealed preference” is a big term that boils down to something what Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do”. Let that sink in... Continue Reading →

How to Stick to a Nutrition Plan (Habits vs Goals)

The most important aspect of long-term success in almost any area of life is consistency. This is especially true in nutrition and fitness. Just think about it: How many people do you know that went on a “diet”? Probably quite... Continue Reading →

How to Stay Lean Over Christmas

The Christmas season is around the corner and with this time usually come nearly endless varieties of delicious food and meals. If you are into being healthy, lean and muscular you’ve probably thought about how to approach this time of... Continue Reading →

How To Grow Brass Balls

Let us talk about having balls. About doing things although you fear them. It could be talking to a girl you find hot. Or It could be that you fear to speak up for yourself. Or that you want to... Continue Reading →

Figure out the price of success and then pay it

What you will read here is nothing new or ground-breaking. As a matter of fact, what I will tell you is actually age-old knowledge and wisdom that I have applied and that has made my life better. The key word... Continue Reading →

The Only Guarantee for a Better Life

Standing still. Not moving. Not going for what you want. Not even trying to grab life and make it yours, this is the sure and dark path toward worry and depression. Just ask me about it. But let’s not talk... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success in Your 20’s

A few months ago I turned thirty. I don’t expect any pity from you for crossing the big 30, but I rather wanted to give the young and upcoming, a guide that helps you get the most happiness and success... Continue Reading →

What does “The Overcoming Self” mean?

Have you ever thought about doing something that would completely change your life and maybe even fulfill your wildest dreams? Or simpler even: Have you thought about making a more specific change in your life, like losing fat, getting out... Continue Reading →

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